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   * http://​www.ros.org/​wiki/​   * http://​www.ros.org/​wiki/​
 ======Other Resources and Project Files====== ======Other Resources and Project Files======
-Here give list of other project files (e.g., source ​code) associated with the project If these are online give a link to an appropriate external repository or to uploaded media files under this name space+Source ​code is available under the Robotorium'​s SVN: https://svn.lcsr.jhu.edu/​robotorium/​trunk/​apps/​3gear/​ 
- +A video demo of our system at workhttps://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​1i7au9m3ti63fjh/​20130513_132053.mp4
-NOTEAsk Kell where he wants us to keep repositories+
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