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 **NOTE:** At the end of the semester, all projects will be made readable to the general public, unless you make arrangements otherwise with Prof. Taylor **NOTE:** At the end of the semester, all projects will be made readable to the general public, unless you make arrangements otherwise with Prof. Taylor
 +=====Nondisclosure agreement for in-class discussion=====
 +As we discussed in class, some of the projects may contain potentially patentable material or other material that should not be disclosed publicly until a later time.  In order to permit free in-class discussion of this material, we have developed a non-disclosure agreement. When asked, the entire class agreed to sign such an agreement, a copy of which is linked below.  ​
 +  * {{:​courses:​446:​2013:​nda_for_class_discussions.pdf|Here is a link to the current agreement}}
 +  * If **any** member of the class has any reservations about this, please inform us immediately.
 +  * Also, class members are reminded to identify potentially confidential material on any slides or other presentation material used in class
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 **Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-11:​446-2013-11|Enabling Technology for Robot Assisted Ultrasound Tomography]] **Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-11:​446-2013-11|Enabling Technology for Robot Assisted Ultrasound Tomography]]
-=====12: ​Project Name TBD===== +=====12: ​Ultrasound Sensing with High Dexterity Robot===== 
-**Team Members:​** ​Name 1, Name 2\\ +**Team Members:​** ​Stephen Van Kooten\\ 
-**Mentors:​** ​Name 1Name 2\\ +**Mentors:​** ​Mehran ArmandEmad Boctor\\ 
-**Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-12:​446-2013-12|Project ​Name TBD]]+**Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-12:​446-2013-12|Ultrasound Sensing with High Dexterity Robot]] 
 +=====13: Tracheoesophageal Prosthesis Insufflator===== 
 +**Team Members:** Kevin Liu\\ 
 +**Mentors:​** Jeremy Richmon\\ 
 +**Project ​Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-13:​446-2013-13|Tracheoesophageal Prosthesis Insufflator]] 
 +=====14: Micron Range-of-Motion Visualization===== 
 +**Team Members:** Preetham Chalasan\\ 
 +**Mentors:​** Marcin Balicki, Balazs Vagvolgyi, Russ Taylor\\ 
 +**Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-14:​446-2013-14|Micron Range-of-Motion Visualization]]
-=====13Project Name TBD===== +=====15Endoscopic Reconstruction with Robust Feature Matching===== 
-**Team Members:​** ​Name 1, Name 2\\ +**Team Members:​** ​Xiang Xiang\\ 
-**Mentors:​** ​Name 1Name 2\\ +**Mentors:​** ​Greg HagerDan Mirota\\ 
-**Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-13:446-2013-13|Project Name TBD]]+**Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-15:446-2013-15|Endoscopic Reconstruction with Robust Feature Matching]]
 =====X: Project Template===== =====X: Project Template=====
 **Team Members:** Name 1, Name 2\\ **Team Members:** Name 1, Name 2\\
 **Mentors:​** Name 1, Name 2\\ **Mentors:​** Name 1, Name 2\\
 **Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-X:​Project Template]] **Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2013:​446-2013-X:​Project Template]]
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