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ReHAP is a decision support system for patient rehabilitation teams. The software employs algorithms that help physical and occupational therapists use patient prioritization factors to optimize care. I am developing web software that will be used by therapy teams at Johns Hopkins Bayview, NYU, and other beta testing institutions in the summer of 2016.

  • Students: David West
  • Mentor(s): Gorkem, Michael Cohen, Dr. Krishnaj Gourab, John Adamovich

CIS Team

Mentors & JHTIC

Background, Specific Aims, and Significance

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Owing to an aging American population, the demand for rehabilitation therapy services (RTS) is projected to grow by 26 to 30% over the next decade. While access to appropriate RTS is critical for optimum clinical and operational outcomes, the cost of providing RTS will increase by $7.5 billion (for patients in the hospital) and $32.3 billion (for patients outside the hospital) over the next decade. I am developing a software tool, ReHAP, with a team at the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center and Johns Hopkins Dr. Krishnaj Gourab that will allow hospitals and healthcare systems to successfully manage the costs associated with this projected increase in demand while still delivering appropriate RTS to patients truly in need of such services.


  • Minimum: (4/12/16)
    1. Create and populate database
    2. Implement Rails app framework
    3. PT/OT view and permissions
    4. Shadow-informed front-end mockups for all users
    5. Prioritization algorithm implemented in Rails app
  • Expected: (4/26/16, with modification)
    1. Manager view + permissions
    2. ESB set up and integrated with Rails app
    3. Refreshing every 5 mins
    4. Single-sign-on server configuration
  • Maximum: (6/1/16)
    1. Physician view + premissions
    2. Deployed at JHBMC
    3. Tested by PT/OT teams at JHBMC
    4. Instances deployed or configured to be deployed at non-JH facilities

Technical Approach

I am building a rails application that will serve as the layer that integrates clinical data, decision support results, and an interface for therapists and managers to interact with the data.

Current Therapy managers view (in progress, very rough):


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  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) integration
  • Cooperation between Web Services
  • Secure development environment
  • SSL into Hopkins server
  • Knowledge of Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • JIRA + Bitbucket (SCRUM)
  • Cooperation with JHBMC PT/OT team for shadowing
  • HIPAA compliance (intermediate certification)
  • D3.js for visualization
  • Possibly DataTables.js + DTEditor.js
  • Weekly team meetings Tuesdays on Hangout and at FF East
  • Cooperation with Tony Pan (dev partner)
    • This dependency has entirely fallen through

Milestones and Status

  1. Key use case evaluation
    • Planned Date: 2/9/16
    • Expected Date: 3/8/16
    • Status: COMPLETE - I shadowed the PT and OT teams at Bayview Hospital. I recruited the help of one of the PT specialists in the design of the software and went through multiple white-boarding and interface design sessions with him.
  2. SQL Database creation
  3. Rails model creation and setup
    • Planned Date: 2/9/16
    • Expected Date: 3/29/16
    • Status: The rails models are all created. Controllers in progress (as of 3/23/16). Will be complete by 3/29/16.
  4. Front End Charting
    • Planned Date: 2/9/16
    • Expected Date: 3/22/16
    • Status: COMPLETE
  5. Therapist view implementation
    • Planned Date: 3/2/16
    • Expected Date: 4/12/16
    • Status: View just begun. On schedule but very early to come up with good estimates, especially with changed team dynamic (team member left).
  6. Manager view implementation
    • Planned Date: 3/2/16
    • Expected Date: 4/26/16
    • Status: Not started.

Reports and presentations

Project Bibliography

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