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 **Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2016:​446-2016-12:​Project 12 Main Page | Project 12 Main Page]] **Project Pages:** [[:​courses:​446:​2016:​446-2016-12:​Project 12 Main Page | Project 12 Main Page]]
-=====Project 13: Innovative Photoacoustic Imaging ​Software Approach ​Towards ​Real-time Photoacoustic ​Reconstruction ​using Vendor Independent ​Sequentially ​Beamformed Data=====+=====Project 13: Software-based ​Approach ​for Real-time Photoacoustic ​Imaging ​using Vendor Independent ​US Beamformed Data=====
 **Team Members:** Howard Huang\\ **Team Members:** Howard Huang\\
 **Mentors:​** Kai Zhang, Emad Boctor\\ **Mentors:​** Kai Zhang, Emad Boctor\\
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