Project Ideas

  1. REMS Articulating Microvascular Needle Driver (Christopher Razavi, Shaun Desai) Slides
  2. Objective Assessment of Robotic Surgery Skill (Jeremy Brown, Anand Malpani) Slides
  3. Robot Force Control Algorithms for Retinal Vein Cannulation (Changyan He, Nirav Patel, Iulian Iordachita) Slides
  4. IRIS 02: Integrated Robotic Intraocular Snake (Ehsan Azimi, Peter Kazanzides, Iulian Iordachita) Slides
  5. Real-time Tumor Tissue Localization with Sensorized Needle (Nirav Patel, Jin Seob Kim, Samuel Kadoury, Iulian Iordachita) Slides
  6. Robot Control Algorithms Based on Sclera Force Information (Marin Kobilarov, Iulian Iordachita, Russell Taylor, Nirav Patel) Slides
  7. Holonomic Video-Bronchoscope (HVB) (Nicholas Dalesio, Russell Taylor, Iulian Iordachita) Slides PDF
  8. AR for Symmetric Outcome in Plastic Surgery (Mathias Unberath, Nassir Navab, Hooman Soltanian) Slides PDF
  9. Patient Flow and Staff Scheduling in Perioperative Care (Sauleh Siddiqu) Slides
  10. Content Generation for HMD Based Medical Training (Ehsan Azimi, Chien-Ming Huang, Peter Kazanzides, Camilo Molina) Slides
  11. ROS/RViz augmented reality and user interface toolkit (Anton Deguet) Slides
  12. Stable Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis Design (Pete Creighton, Chris Razavi, John Carey) Slides
  13. Auto-initialization using Deep Learning (Ayushi Sinha) Slides
  14. Transoral Neck Surgery (Christopher Razavi, Jonathon Russell) Slides
  15. Auto-Segmentation of Spine CT for Data-Intensive Analysis of Surgical Outcome (Jeff Siewerdsen, Tharindu De Silva) Slides
  16. User interface to extract radio-morphologic features for refined dose-toxicity analysis in radiotherapy (Todd McNutt, Pranav Lakshminarayanan) Background Slides Project Slides
  17. Anomaly detection for treatment planning and a learning health system in radiotherapy (Todd McNutt, Pranav Lakshminarayanan) Background Slides Project Slides
  18. Machine learning to determine regions of influence of treatment related toxicity in lung cancer (Todd McNutt, Pranav Lakshminarayanan, Wei Jiang) Background Slides Project Slides
  19. Low Dose Fluoroscopy for Orthopedic Surgery (Mathias Unberath, Nassir Navab) Slides
  20. Ultrasound needle guidance for hydrogel injection during cervical cancer brachytherapy (Emad Boctor ,Akila Viswanathan, Carmen Kut) Slides
  21. Tool Tacking for Periacetabular Osteotomy using CamC (Mathias Unberath, Robert Grupp, Mehran Armand, John Tis) Slides
  22. Robotic Bone Drilling Assessment (Paul Wilkening, Yunus Sevimli, Russ Taylor) Slides
  23. Force Sensing Drill/Cutter Tool for Skull Base Surgery (Russell Taylor, Paul Wilkening, Yunus Sevimli, David Levi, Francis Creigton, Chris Razavi) Slides
  24. Structure from Motion from Long Video Sequence (Xingtong Liu) Slides
  25. Pose Estimation for Osteotomy Fragments and Implants with Intraoperative X-Ray Imaging (Robert Grupp, Russell Taylor, Mehran Armand) Slides
  26. Fluoroscopic Feature Detection with Deep Learning (Robert Grupp, Russell Taylor) Slides
  27. Smooth Extrapolation of Unknown Anatomy (Robert Grupp, Russell Taylor) Slides
  28. Development of a scope holding device (Russ Taylor, Miriana Pehar, Tony Kalloo) Slides
  29. Near-Infrared Fluorescent Sutures (Simon Leonard) Slides
  30. Query by videos for surgical activities (Tae Soo Kim; Swaroop Vedula; Gregory Hager) PDF
  31. Multigrasp Forcep for Endoscopic Biopsies (Simon C. Mathews) Slides
  32. Laryngoscope/Tissue Contact Sensing (Paul Wilkening, Yunus Sevimli, Russell Taylor) Slides
  33. HMD-Based Eye-Gaze Analysis in Performing Medical Procedures (Ehsan Azimi, Chien-Ming Huang, Peter Kazanzides, Nassir Navab, Russ Taylor) Slides
  34. Robot-Assisted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (RA-TMS) (Amir Kherdamand, David S. Zee, Farshid Alambeigi, Mehran Armand) Slides
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