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 //​[[http://​nri-csa.vuse.vanderbilt.edu/​joomla/​|NRI-CSA Web Site]] // //​[[http://​nri-csa.vuse.vanderbilt.edu/​joomla/​|NRI-CSA Web Site]] //
 +===== Semi-autonomous robotic endomicroscopy scanning =====
 +{{ :​research:​confocal_project.png?​400}}
 +This is a joint work between Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London. In this project, a novel sensorless framework is proposed for real-time semi-autonomous endomicroscopy scanning during retinal surgery. Through a hybrid motion control strategy, the system autonomously controls the confocal probe to optimize the sharpness and quality of the pCLE images, while providing the surgeon with the ability to scan the tissue in a tremor-free manner.
 +For more details, please
 +[[:​research:​autonomous_endomicroscopy_scanning:​autonomous_endomicroscopy_scanning|Follow this link]]
 +or see the publication:​\\
 +Z. Li, M. A. Shahbazi, N. Patel, E. O. Sullivan, H. Zhang, K. Vyas, P. Chalasanim, P. L. Gehlbach, I. Iordachita, G.-Z. Yang, and R. H. Taylor, “A novel semi-autonomous control framework for retina confocal endomicroscopy scanning,​” 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2019.
 ====== Integrated Systems for Image-Guided Interventions ====== ====== Integrated Systems for Image-Guided Interventions ======
 ===== Optimization-Based Virtual Fixtures for Robotic Systems ====== ===== Optimization-Based Virtual Fixtures for Robotic Systems ======
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