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Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Ultrasound Elastography

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to facilitate robot-assisted minimally invasive ultrasound elastography (USE) for surgeries involving the daVinci surgical robot. Information from USE images will extend the range of applicable procedures and increase the robot’s capabilities. The daVinci system brings many surgical advantages, including minimal invasiveness, precise and dexterous motion control, and an excellent visual field. These advantages come at the cost of surrendering the surgeon’s sense of feel and touch. Haptic information is significant for procedures such as organ-sparing resections that target removal of hidden tumors, for example. In open surgery, a surgeon may locate an embedded tumor by manual palpation of tissue. Without haptic sensory information, robotic surgery requires other means to locate such tumors. USE imaging is a promising method to alleviate the impact of haptic sensory loss, because it recovers the stiffness properties of imaged tissue. USE peers deep into tissue layers, providing localized stiffness information superior to that of human touch.


Project Personnel

JHU, Whiting School of Engineering


  • Dr. Russell H. Taylor
  • Dr. Emad Boctor

Graduate Students

  • Seth Billings


  • NIH Graduate Partnership Program
  • JHU Internal Funds

Affiliated labs


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