Seminar on Statistical Anatomic Models, Registration, and Reconstruction

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This weekly research seminar will focus generally on statistical modeling of anatomic structures, image and model registration, 3D image reconstruction methods, and their interrelationships. We will concentrate primarily, though not exclusively, on x-ray based imaging modalities (x-ray fluoroscopy, CT, cone-beam tomography, “hybrid” reconstruction methods, etc.).

Although the seminar will prominently feature ongoing research within the laboratories of Profs. Taylor, Siewerdsen, and Prince, it is 'not' intended to replace or replicate project meetings tied to individual research grants. Our goals include:

  • Increased communication and awareness of research problems, progress, and results of mutual interest among participants
  • Development of new research problems and concepts, based on in-depth discussion
  • Increased awareness of and sharing of common infrastructure, software, toolkits, and data
  • Development of enhanced shared infrastructure and toolkits based on new research ideas

The format will vary somewhat depending on the selected topic or topics, but generally we will have a 15-20 minute presentation followed by 40-45 minutes discussion.

Logistical Information

Course Number: 600.754

  • The course number of this graduate seminar is 600.754
  • For the Spring 2011 Semester we will combine this seminar with 600.746/520.746


  • Russell Taylor,
  • Jeff Siewerdsen,
  • Jerry Prince,

Meeting time and place

  • Meet every Tuesday at 3-5 PM in Hackerman Hall Room 209 (day and time may change)

Remote Participation


  • Wiki Editing
    • We also expect that seminar speakers will edit this page to add material, etc.
    • This WIKI should be editable by any members of the CIIS lab. Others should contact Dr. Taylor to get added to the list for this purpose
    • Note: Be sure to use the prefix “:SARR:” to any uploaded materials or new pages that you create. If you want the materials not to be visible to the general public, use the prefix “:SARR:Private:”.


  • 01/20/2011 - A Review of Deformable 3D-2D Registration (Xin Kang)
  • 01/27/2011 - GPU accelerated registration/reconstruction toolkit and its application to intensity-based rigid 2D/3D Registration (Yoshi Otake)
  • 02/02/2011 - Organization for Spring Semester
  • 02/09/2011 - Paper reading
  • 02/16/2011 - Paper reading
  • 02/23/2011 - Paper reading
  • 03/02/2011 - Paper reading

Possible Future Topics for the Spring 2011 Semester

  • Junghoon - Review and update of hybrid reconstruction
  • Web (2 parter) Penalized likelihood reconstruction
  • Junghoon - Region of change reconstruction
  • Ben/Yoshi/Murat Leg atlas project
  • Ben/Yoshi/Murat ACL reconstruction
  • Russ - problem solving for incorporating priors to improve 2D/3D

Previous Schedules

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