CiiS Lab Administration


  • PI: Russell Taylor
  • Machine Shop: Iulian Iordachita
  • Ordering: Jamie Meehan
  • Executive Director: Elisa Ahmanson
  • Jcard Access/ Scheduling: Alison Morrow
  • Payroll: Julia Ortiz
  • Lab Manager: Jon Kriss

Room Reservation Room reservation information is found at :

Contact Alison Morrow ( to reserve. Keys are located on bookcase next to lower robotorium entrance. Sign name when taking keys.

Mock OR C-arm use:

  • Try to schedule longer experiments in the evening.
  • Always wear a radiation badge.
  • If you do not currently have a radiation badge but need one, contact the lab manager. You will need to get radiation training before being given a badge.
  • Badges are switched out every few months. Make sure to let the lab manager know if you remove your badge from the Mock OR. When you no longer need to use a radiation badge, inform the lab manager so your name can be deleted from the list.

The reservation for the Mock OR is located : . If you need the Mock OR, please try to reserve in advance. If you plan to perform demos in the Mock OR, please try and schedule or make accommodations with any user signed up for that time slot.

The rules for using the Mock OR are located at Note in particular that there are special rules for using any biological tissue in that room.

Adding Yourself to Mailing Lists

  1. Login in with your jhed and password.
  2. Search in the search box for cis and erc (or cisst) and choose these 3 lists to join.
    • cis-lab
    • erc-cisst-announce
    • erc-cisst-seminar
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