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Resources and Links


Non-Public Projects

The CiiS Intranet project summaries can be found at CiiS Intranet Research home page

Jobs Jar

Please put descriptions of projects that might be appropriate for student volunteers or others on the Projects for Volunteers page.

How to do things

How to add a new project page

To create a new project, do the following:

  • Copy the “Sample Project” template below and paste it into one of
  • Change “Sample Project” to something appropriate
  • Replace ““project_namespace” and “project_name” with an appropriate unique names.
  • Save your changes
  • Follow this link to the project template.
  • Enter edit mode, select all, and copy the contents.
  • Cancel edit mode, so template is unaffected.
  • Come back to to this page and click on the link to your project page. This will take you to a page does not exist screen.
  • Use the create page option (it is under the rightmost little gear symbol in upper right)
  • Paste the copied content of the project template into the new empty page
  • Save your work
  • Edit the new project information on this page and also in the created project page. Remember to use the private project namespace for any new pages you create or files you upload
  • If you want to restrict access to the project page (beyond having the link to it in the intranet page) contact Russ Taylor or another Dokuwiki admin.



Loan List

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