Here is a list of possible projects with their associated slides

  1. Radiation Oncology Projects (McNutt) Slides
  2. Accurate Measurement of Neck Flexion Angle during Thyroid Surgery (Razavi & Creighton) Slides
  3. Diagnosis of Superior Canal Dehiscence and Evaluation of Surgical Outcome based on Electrocochleography (ECochG) Waveforms (Creighton,Galaiya, Shahbazi, Razavi) Slides
  4. Deep Learning for CT Scan Identification of Temporal Bone and Skull Base Landmarks (Creighton) Slides
  5. Analysis of Head Motions during ENT surgery (Creighton) Slides
  6. Hierarchical Labeling of resting state functional MRI brain networks (Unberath) Slides
  7. CIS II Pediatric ICU Ventilation Monitoring (Unberath, Fackler) Slides
  8. Feasibility of Statistical Shape Analysis in Congenital Heart Disease (Gaur) Narrated Slides
  9. Markerless pose analysis for hand injury (Xu) Slides
  10. Assessing Safe Pedicle Screw Placement: Robot-assisted vs Traditional Approach (Unberath, theodore, Yi) Slides
  11. Real-time Tumor Tissue Localization with Sensorized Needle (Patel, Kim,Iordachita) Slides
  12. Improving real-time control of the Galen microsurgical robot (Shahbazi, Taylor) Slides
  13. Stiffness and deflection characterization of the Galen microsurgical robot (Shahbazi, Taylor) Slides
  14. Surgical tool gravity compensation for Galen microsurgical robot (Shahbazi, Taylor) Slides
  15. Robot-Assisted Ultrasound Visual Servoing using Deep Learning for Repeatable Biopsy (Shahbazi, Boctor, Macura, Taylor) Slides
  16. Robotic Ultrasound Assistance via “Hand-Over-Hand” Control (Boctor, Taylor, Gilboy) Slides
  17. Light Delivery Systems for PA-Guided Surgery (Bell) Slides
  18. Augmented Reality Magnifying Loupe for Surgery (Kazanzides, Unberath, Qian) Slides
  19. Accuracy Improvement of the da Vinci Robot (Kazanzides, Deguet) Slides
  20. HMD-Based Navigation for Ventriculostomy (Kazanzides, Azimi) Slides
  21. Bimanual teleoperation of Steady Hand Eye Robots with DVRK (Patel, Iordachita, Taylor) Slides
  22. Mobile Telesurgery Platform in Mixed-Realty (Azimi, Kazanzides) Slides
  23. Augmentation of Haptic Guidance into Virtual-Reality Surgical Simulators (Brown, Shahbazi, Caccianiga) Slides
  24. Design and Fabrication of a Curved Oscillating Saw for Rotational Acetabular Osteotomy (Armand, Alambeigi, Taylor) Slides
  25. Eye Robot Control Algorithms Based on Insertion Depth Information (Iordachita, Kobilarov, Shahbazi, Ebrahimi) Slides
  26. Endoscope Motion Prediction with Surgeon’s Gaze Data (Huang, Ishii, Yin) Slides
  27. Robotic System for Automatic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Sefati) Slides
  28. Automating Eye Surgery with Deep Learning Using Simulated & Real Data (Kobilarov, Iordachita) PDF
  29. Projection Mapping (Spatial Augmented Reality) in Surgery (Armand) Slides
  30. HMD-Based Fasciotomy for Compartment Syndrome (Kazanzides, Azimi, Osgood) Slides

More may be added in the future. Remember that students are ultimately responsible for finding their own project & securing consent from mentors. Students also are free to propose their own project & to get consent from a qualified mentor and from Prof. Taylor.

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