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Advanced Computer-Integrated Surgery (CIS II)

CIS II (601.456/496/656/356) is a projects course for graduate students and upper-level undergrads, in which students work in teams of 1-3 on semester-long projects broadly related to computer-integrated interventions, AI in medicine, medical image analysis, or related topics. In addition to material covered in lectures/seminars by the instructor and other faculty, students are expected to read and provide critical analysis/presentations of selected papers in recitation sessions. Students taking this course are required to undertake and report on a significant term project under the supervision of the instructor and clinical end users. Grades are based both on the project and on classroom recitations. The only difference between the undergraduate versions (601.456/496) and the graduate version (601.656) of this course is the level of project undertaken. Typically, 601.656 projects require a greater degree of mathematical, image processing, or modeling background. Students wishing to attend the weekly lectures as a 1-credit seminar should sign up for 601.356.

  • Instructor: Russell H. Taylor (
  • Course number: 601.456/601.496/601.656/601.356 (formerly 600.446/646/346)
    • Note: 601.496 is identical to 601.456, except students must be members of a 3 person team. This option is provided for CS undergrads seeking to satisfy the “team” degree requirement.
  • Meeting times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:45
  • Meeting room:
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Hackerman Hall Room B17 (basement auditorium)
  • Prerequisite: CIS I or permission of instructor.
  • Zoom link: Zoom Link
  • Teaching Assistant: Yixuan Wu
    • Email:
    • Office Address: Hackerman 137
    • TA office Hours: By appointment

Projects in 2022

Projects in Prior Years

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