600.446 Projects for Spring 2015

NOTE: Our practice for this course is to restrict visibility of most project pages for the current year, in order to allow for patenting. With a few exceptions, pages are made visible for general viewing some time during the summer following completion of the course.

1: Robone: Next generation robot for orthopaedic surgery

Team Members: Andrew Hundt, Shahriar Sefati, Alex Strickland
Mentors: Peter Kazanzides, Prof. Taylor
Project Pages: Project 1 Main Page

2: 3D Scanning for Cranioplasty

Team Members: Alex Mathews, Joshua You
Mentors: Dr. Armand, Dr. Gordon
Project Pages: Project 2 Main Page

3: Surgical Instruments for Robotic Microsurgery

Team Members: Zaid Ashai, Pranav Lakshminarayanan
Mentors: Prof. Taylor, Kevin Olds
Project Pages: Project 3 Main Page

4: RGBD X-ray Calibration for Camera Augmented Mobile C-Arm

Team Members: Han Xiao
Mentors: Prof. Navab
Project Pages: Project 4 Main Page

5: Use of Voltage Sentitive Dyes with Photoacoustic Brain Imaging

Team Members: Darian Hadjiabadi, Timothy Mullen
Mentors: Dr. Boctor, Dr. Rahmim
Project Pages: Project 5 Main Page

6: Automated VTE Surveillance and Clinical Workflow

Team Members: Stephen Chen, Vamsi Chunduru
Mentors: Dean Kleissas, Gorkem Sevinc, Dr. Paul Nagy, Brandyn Lau, and Dr. Elliot Haut
Project Pages: Project 6 Main Page

7: Mobile-Based Blood Flow Analysis of Chronic Wounds

Team Members: Azwad Sabik, Rohit Bhattacharya, Yvonne Jiang
Mentors: Dr. Emad Boctor, Josh Budman
Project Pages: Project 7 Main Page

8: Ultrasound-based Visual Servoing

Team Members: Michael Scarlett
Mentors: Bernhard Fuerst, Prof. Navab
Project Pages: Project 8 Main Page

9: Portable Ultrasound 3D Scanning

Team Members: Phillip Oh, Bofeng Zhang
Mentors: Dr. Boctor, Younsu Kim, Fereshteh Aalamifar
Project Pages: Project 9 Main Page

10: Optimized Tissue Structure Modeling

Team Members: Benjamin Strober, Nate Schambach
Mentors: Dr. Kobilarov, Dr. Taylor, Preetham Chalasani
Project Pages: Project 10 Main Page

11: Image Processing for Video-CT Registration in Sinus Surgery​

Team Members: Kyle Xiong, John Lee, Calvin Zhao
Mentors: Austin Reiter, Balazs Vagvolgyi
Project Pages: Project 11 Main Page

12: Sinus Surgery Study using the REMS

Team Members: Brian Gu, Barbara Kim, Kurt Lee
Mentors: Kevin Olds, Dr. Ishii, Dr. Taylor
Project Pages: Project 12 Main Page

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