CIS Spring 2017 Projects

NOTE: The text below is left over from Spring 2017. It will need editing before the page is made public

Project Ideas

Here is a list of the projects and each individual set of slides. These will be presented in class over the first few sessions of class.

Remember several points, however:

  • This list is not necessarily complete. More will be added.
  • You are ultimately responsible for finding and proposing a project.
  • You must get agreement from your mentors that your proposed project is one for which you are appropriate.
  • Your project does not have to be one of the ones in this suggested list. However, if it is not one of these, you should also get my agreement that it is appropriate for the course.

Instructions to 446 Students

The links below point to the Wiki pages for your projects. You should follow the link. This will bring you to a project home page that you can edit once you log in. The two little gear symbols on the upper right give access to functions like login, logout, edit page, etc. The login/logout is on the leftmost gear. Note that there are many styles of Wiki, with different syntax. This one is “dokuwiki”. There is a link to help pages from the edit page.

The current default access settings are “read” for the CiiS lab, no access to members of the general public, and full power to members of your group. If you want to restrict read access to smaller group (e.g., all 446 students, etc.) contact Prof. Taylor. Prof. Taylor can also implement access control for individual pages if you so desire. If you want the whole world to be able to read your project pages, that can be arranged. Do not post anything to unprotected pages that you want kept private until you have arranged with Prof. Taylor to protect them.

Also, verify that each member of your group can log in. If you have trouble, contact Prof. Taylor via email providing correct name and JHED id.

Finally, if you want to give other individuals (e.g., your mentors) access to your project pages, provide name and JHED id to Prof. Taylor

NOTE: At the end of the semester, all projects will be made readable to the general public, unless you make arrangements otherwise with Prof. Taylor

Nondisclosure agreement for in-class discussion

As we discussed in class, some of the projects may contain potentially patentable material or other material that should not be disclosed publicly until a later time. In order to permit free in-class discussion of this material, we have developed a non-disclosure agreement. When asked, the entire class agreed to sign such an agreement, a copy of which is linked below.

  • If any member of the class has any reservations about this, please inform us immediately.
  • Also, class members are reminded to identify potentially confidential material on any slides or other presentation material used in class

01: Surgical Instrument for Robotic Open Microsurgery

Team Members: Olivia Puleo, Radhika Rajaram
Mentors: Yunus Sevimli, Dr. Chris Razavi, Dr. Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Webpage

02: Vendor independent PA Imaging System Enabled with Asynchronous Laser source

Team Members: Yixuan Wu
Mentors: Kai Zhang, Dr. Emad Boctor
Project Pages: Webpage

03: Tracking of Orthopaedic Instruments in 3D Camera Views

Team Members: Athira Jane Jacob, Jie Ying Wu
Mentors: Mathias Unberath, Dr. Bernhard Fuerst, Sing Chun Lee, Javad Fotouhi, Dr. Nassir Navab
Project Pages: Webpage

04: 3D Tool Tracking in the Presence of Microscope Motion

Team Members: Molly O'Brien
Mentors: Dr. Austin Reiter, Dr. Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Webpage

05: Design and Evaluation of a Bioelectric Guide Wire

Team Members: Erin Sutton
Mentors: Dr. Noah Cowan, Dr. Bernhard Fuerst, Dr. Nassir Navab
Project Pages: Webpage

06: Autonomous Ultrasound Probe placement and Photoacoustic Needle Tracking

Team Members: Joshua Shubert
Mentors: Dr. Muyinatu Bell
Project Pages: Webpage

07: Co-robotic Ultrasound Imaging

Team Members: Ting-Yun Fang
Mentors: Kai Zhang, Dr. Russell Taylor, Dr. Emad Boctor
Project Pages: Webpage

08: IRIS 02: Integrated Robotic Intraocular Snake

Team Members: Baichuan Jiang, Yichuan Tang
Mentors: Ehsan Azimi, Dr. Peter Kazanzides, Dr. Iulian Iordachita
Project Pages: Webpage

09: A Novel Planning Paradigm for Augmentation of Osteoporotic Femora

Team Members: Mahsan Bakhtiarinejad, Amirhossein Farvardin
Mentors: Dr.Mehran Armand, Dr. Ryan Murphy
Project Pages: Webpage

10: Automatic Identification of Critical Areas of the Head and Neck for Refined Dose-Toxicity Analysis in Radiotherapy

Team Members: Chris Micek, Arun Raghavan, Julie Shade
Mentors: Dr. Todd McNutt
Project Pages: Webpage

11: Real Time Needle Integrated Ultrasound Imaging

Team Members: Ernest Scalabrin
Mentors: Younsu Kim, Kai Zhang, Dr. Emad Boctor
Project Pages: Webpage

12: DVRK stereo camera calibration and model registration

Team Members: Mengze Xu, Peter Ahn
Mentors: Preetham Chalasani, Anton Deguet
Project Pages: Webpage

13: Software for an Intra-Operative "Kinect"

Team Members: Shohini Ghosh, Elli Tian
Mentors: Dr. Austin Reiter, Dr. Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Webpage

14: Dynamic beam filter positioning for low-dose CT acquisition

Team Members: Andrew Mao, William Shyr
Mentors: Dr. J Web Stayman
Project Pages: Webpage

15: Stroke Rehabilitation Hand Device

Team Members: Jacob Carducci
Mentors: Kevin Olds
Project Pages: Webpage

16: Antibiotic Ninja

Team Members: Katie Hochberg, Allie Sanzi
Mentors: Jennifer Townsend, Gorkem Sevinc, Michael Cohen
Project Pages: Webpage

17: Head Mounted Display Integration for Orthopedic Surgery

Team Members: Zhuokai Zhao
Mentors: Javad Fotouhi, Singchun Lee, Long Qian, Dr. Bernhard Fuerst, Dr. Nassir Navab
Project Pages: Webpage

18: Force controlled elastography with DaVinci Toolkit

Team Members: Xingtong Liu
Mentors: Preetham Chalasani, Dr. Emad Boctor, Dr. Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Webpage

19: Robotic Bone Drilling Assessment

Team Members: Shain Bannowsky, Yifan Zhang
Mentors: Yunus Sevimli, Dr. Russell Taylor, Dr. Matt Stewart
Project Pages: Webpage

20: Robot control algorithms for Sclera Eye Surgery

Team Members: Ankur Gupta, Saurabh Singh
Mentors: Dr. Marin Kobilarov, Dr. Iulian Iordachita, Dr. Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Webpage

21: Robotic Soft Tissue Manipulation Assessment

Team Members: Bugrahan Cigdemoglu, Syed Hossain
Mentors: Yunus Sevimli, Dr. Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Webpage

22: Visual Feedback for skill acquisition in Cataract Surgery

Team Members: Abhilash Balachandran
Mentors: Dr. Swaroop Vedula, Dr. Austin Reiter
Project Pages: Webpage

X: Project Template

Team Members: Name 1, Name 2
Mentors: Name 1, Name 2
Project Pages: Project Name

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