CIS Spring 2016 Projects

NOTE: The text below is left over from Spring 2016. It will need editing before the page is made public

Project Ideas

Here is a PDF file of some possible projects for 2016, and here is a PDF file just listing the names and mentors of the projects. These will be presented in class over the first few sessions of class.

Remember several points, however:

  • This list is not necessarily complete. More will be added.
  • You are ultimately responsible for finding and proposing a project.
  • You must get agreement from your mentors that your proposed project is one for which you are appropriate.
  • Your project does not have to be one of the ones in this suggested list. However, if it is not one of these, you should also get my agreement that it is appropriate for the course.

Instructions to 446 Students

The links below point to the Wiki pages for your projects. You should follow the link. This will bring you to a project home page that you can edit once you log in. The two little gear symbols on the upper right give access to functions like login, logout, edit page, etc. The login/logout is on the leftmost gear. Note that there are many styles of Wiki, with different syntax. This one is “dokuwiki”. There is a link to help pages from the edit page.

The current default access settings are “read” for the CiiS lab, no access to members of the general public, and full power to members of your group. If you want to restrict read access to smaller group (e.g., all 446 students, etc.) contact Prof. Taylor. Prof. Taylor can also implement access control for individual pages if you so desire. If you want the whole world to be able to read your project pages, that can be arranged. Do not post anything to unprotected pages that you want kept private until you have arranged with Prof. Taylor to protect them.

Also, verify that each member of your group can log in. If you have trouble, contact Prof. Taylor via email providing correct name and JHED id.

Finally, if you want to give other individuals (e.g., your mentors) access to your project pages, provide name and JHED id to Prof. Taylor

NOTE: At the end of the semester, all projects will be made readable to the general public, unless you make arrangements otherwise with Prof. Taylor

Nondisclosure agreement for in-class discussion

As we discussed in class, some of the projects may contain potentially patentable material or other material that should not be disclosed publicly until a later time. In order to permit free in-class discussion of this material, we have developed a non-disclosure agreement. When asked, the entire class agreed to sign such an agreement, a copy of which is linked below.

  • If any member of the class has any reservations about this, please inform us immediately.
  • Also, class members are reminded to identify potentially confidential material on any slides or other presentation material used in class

Project 01: High Precision Drill/Needle Placement with UR5

Team Members: Vignesh Ramchandran, Thomas Yi
Mentors: Jeff Siewerdsen, Ali Uneri
Project Pages: Project 01 Main Page

Project 02: Synthetic Tracked Aperture Ultrasound Imaging

Team Members: Kalyna Apkarian, Rodolfo Finocchi
Mentors: Emad Boctor, Kai Zhang, Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Project 02 Main Page

Project 03: Realtime Feedback Tool for Nasal Surgery

Team Members: Michael Norris, Felix Jonathan
Mentors: Narges Ahmidi, Lisa Ishii, Masaru Ishii
Project Pages: Project 03 Main Page

Project 04: Cone Beam CT Brain Perfusion Sensing and Digital Simulators

Team Members: Michael Mow, Karthik Chellamuthu
Mentors: Jeff Siewerdsen
Project Pages: Project 04 Main Page

Project 05: Smart X-Ray C-Arm Positioning

Team Members: Seung Wook Lee, Ju Young Ahn
Mentors: Jeff Siewerdsen
Project Pages: Project 05 Main Page

Project 06: Augmented Reality for Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeries

Team Members: Dan Adler, Tiffany Chung
Mentors: Bernhard Fuerst, Nassir Navab
Project Pages: Project 06 Main Page

Project 07: Cognitive Training Quiz Application

Team Members: Ran Liu, Nick Uebele
Mentors: Gorkem Sevinc
Project Pages: Project 07 Main Page

Project 08: iPASS: Photoacoustic Catheter Tracking

Team Members: Yuttana Itsarachaiyot
Mentors: Alexis Cheng, Younsu Kim, Emad Boctor, Russell Taylor
Project Pages: Project 08 Main Page

Project 09: Eye-in-Hand Range Image Registration for Surgical Robot

Team Members: Joseph Min, Zach Sabin
Mentors: Russell Taylor, Yunus Sevimli
Project Pages: Project 09 Main Page

Project 10: Real Time Motion Reflexes for Robotic Hip Surgery

Team Members: Kevin Yee, Kangsan Kim
Mentors: Andrew Hundt, Peter Kazanzides
Project Pages: Project 10 Main Page

Project 11: Project ReHap

Team Members: David West
Mentors: Gorkem Sevinc, Krishnaj Gourab
Project Pages: Project 11 Main Page

Project 12: Validating and Improving Single-Stage Cranioplasty Prosthetics with Ground Truth Models

Team Members: Erica Schwarz, Willis Wang
Mentors: Mehran Armand, Ryan Murphy, Chad Gordon
Project Pages: Project 12 Main Page

Project 13: Software-based Approach for Real-time Photoacoustic Imaging using Vendor Independent US Beamformed Data

Team Members: Howard Huang
Mentors: Kai Zhang, Emad Boctor
Project Pages: Project 13 Main Page

Project 14: Towards correlation of clinical outcomes with radiation therapy dose distributions

Team Members: Pranav Lakshminarayanan, Alex Matthews
Mentors: Russell Taylor, Todd McNutt
Project Pages: Project 14 Main Page

Project 15: Mouse Segmentation and Optical Properties for BLT

Team Members: Alan Cham
Mentors: Ken Wang, Bin Zhang, Junghoon Lee
Project Pages: Project 15 Main Page

Project 16: Browser based constructive solid geometry for anatomical models

Team Members: Nicole Ortega, Vikram Chandrashekhar
Mentors: Alex Matthews, Param Shah
Project Pages: Project 16 Main Page

Project 17: Robotic Ultrasound Needle Placement and Tracking

Team Members: Christopher Hunt, Matthew Walmer
Mentors: Risto Kojcev, Bernhard Fuerst, Javad Fatouhi, Nassir Navab
Project Pages: Project 17 Main Page

Project 18: Software control of cranial implant laser cutting machine

Team Members: Jerry Fang, Joshua Liu
Mentors: Mehran Armand
Project Pages: Project 18 Main Page

X: Project Template

Team Members: Name 1, Name 2
Mentors: Name 1, Name 2
Project Pages: Project Name

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